Tourism Toronto Named One of the Best Places to Work in Canada

I am so thrilled to announce that Tourism Toronto has been recognized as one of the 50 Best Workplaces in Canada by Great Place to Work. The list came out yesterday with our organization coming in at #39, the only business in the hospitality sector in the Top 50 for workplaces under 100 employees. To say we’re humbled and honoured would be an understatement.

Given how tireless and passionate our team is, you would think we had 10 times that number of team members. Over the past two and half years as the President and CEO of Tourism Toronto, I have seen staff give their all when it comes to the (sometimes lofty) goals we set for ourselves here.

The success we’ve found as an organization starts with our mission. Lead the world to Toronto, Canada’s Downtown, growing our visitor economy. And what I find so remarkable about this team is not only their dedication to that mission, but their pride in the destination.

What unites us at Tourism Toronto is a passion for a place. That passion is all-encompassing. Not only do we love this region, we love the attractions, hotels, restaurants, tour operators and many other businesses that are part of our Tourism Toronto family. We’re in this together, driving the visitor economy to a region that is thriving in part because of our booming industry.

It’s not just Toronto’s tourism industry that’s thriving – Canada’s is too. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries here and the potential for economic growth is fantastic. With that comes the need for more people working in tourism. Our industry needs it to be a choice for emerging professionals entering the workforce.

Tourism HR Canada issued a report just last year that found that 91 per cent of Canadians believe that tourism is a place where young people can increase their work experience and job skills. And they’re right.

I hope that our team being part of Best Workplace list helps to inspire others to choose the career that drives each of us at Tourism Toronto.

One thought on “Tourism Toronto Named One of the Best Places to Work in Canada

  1. Having worked with the very so powerful and positive Johanne( at Freeman) I know why you TT have earned this award .

    Leaders at TT not only influence the employees but all members.

    THANKS to you the team for all that each of you do each and every hour
    cheers jj


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