Celebrating “The Views” in Toronto


Earlier this year, we launched a campaign that truly represents Toronto. In many ways, it’s the biggest, boldest campaign we’ve done in a very long time.

We called it the Views Are Different Here, and it tells that big, bold, beautiful story.

Since the launch, videos from this campaign have been watched 40 million times. And that’s 40 million views from beginning to end – on YouTube, on Facebook, through the media, and even on airplanes, to name a few. Better still, that’s more than double the goal we set at the start of the year.

I’m so thrilled to say that the Views campaign has been named the Marketing Campaign of the Year by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. This is a big deal. The TIAC awards are determined by a Canada-wide panel of judges from within the tourism industry. To be recognized by our peers for a campaign we poured our heart and souls into is an incredible honour.

In addition to the recognition from TIAC, the campaign was also given a Gold Award for Creative Story Telling at the Canadian Marketing Association earlier this month. I’m happy to say that the Views campaign is the very first recipient of this inaugural award.

We’re so proud of these achievements and I want to thank the Greater Toronto Hotel Association for their support and confidence in the campaign and for providing the special funding that made it possible. I especially want to thank the team at Tourism Toronto for their efforts and dedication.

The videos have now been translated into six different languages and have become a cornerstone of our sales and marketing efforts. The campaign has resonated with people – and with good reason. It’s part of a new confidence that has grown in Toronto over the past few years. This is a city that has found a new sense of swagger.

Over the past couple of years and most definitely in 2017, that new confidence has come to define who we are as a city, as a destination and as our home. That’s the story we’ve been telling.

Please join us in celebrating the success of the campaign. And of course, I hope you’re sharing the Views videos so we can spread the Toronto story to the next 40 million.

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