Celebrating Spirit

How often have you stayed at a hotel and in the course of your stay had interactions with just a few people – someone at the front desk when you check-in and the room attendant who comes to clean your room? But how much do we realize that a hotel is a large and complex organization and those few people you see when you stay are like the tip of the iceberg, with the huge, unseen underwater part all the people who make the place function and make your stay a seamless one. There are all the folks in the laundry, the accounting department, the banquet operations, engineering and on and on.

When the Greater Toronto Hotel Association Spirit Awards take place this Friday, April 22, it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and meaningfully recognize all of those hard working men and women who make hotels the welcoming oases they are and such a key component of a healthy  tourism industry.

Hundreds of submissions are received every year from hotels who nominate staff members who exemplify the spirit of hospitality and who are ambassadors of outstanding service to the guests. The judges have chosen winners who demonstrate such qualities as can-do attitude and outlook, resourcefulness and creativity, motivation and excellent communications skills with customers/ colleagues.

So whether you will be at the awards ceremony on Friday or only there in spirit, I hope you’ll join me in appreciating and thanking everyone who makes up this vital part of our industry and destination.


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