Meetings Mean Business

When many people think about conventions they probably get a vague picture of a bunch of people with badges around their necks wandering around looking slightly lost. But those of us in the meetings industry know that it’s much more than that.

The meetings and convention industry in Toronto is big business – not only for the convention centres and meeting venues, but for taxis, restaurants, hotels, musicians and all the associated services.

Toronto has long been known as an ideal place to hold conventions due to its excellent facilities and global air access. What distinguishes and adds to our ongoing success is our meeting planning community. The exceptional people who work in the business events industry in Toronto are a group of highly-talented, committed, creative professionals. Our strength as a destination, and what gives us a competitive advantage in attracting coveted business events, is this community of outstanding individuals.

With Global Meetings Industry Day being on April 14, I thought I’d share a few fast facts about the benefits this industry brings to the Toronto region.

In 2015:

  • The Toronto region hosted 761 meetings or events totalling 672,000 delegates
  • $3.02 Billion was spent in the destination by organizers and meeting attendees
  • 315,000 jobs depend on tourism and hospitality and many of those are due to the convention industry

The thousands of employees and services that depend on the economic activity conventions bring to the Toronto region are grateful for a continued robust and busy industry now and for years to come.

So, next time you see a badge-wearing meeting attendee wandering around, give him directions and a high-five. And give the meeting planner who made the event come to life a big hug too.

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